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About Me

Hello, my name is Kurt

I am a passionate designer and developer, a web "devigner" if you will, fascinated by this wonderful and infinite world of the inter-web. I have vast experience coding HTML/CSS tableless websites to W3C and 508 standards from PSDs for local agencies and brand specialists. I take pride in the fact that all the sites I work on are cross-browser compatible with minimal conditional coding to account for the deficiencies of IE6. I have done numerous projects using both strait Javascript and utilizing framework libraries such as AJAX and JQuery.

Developing without tables is great, but I also do a lot of custom email marketing and outlook templates for companies, and if you want that email to look good everywhere tables are a must.

Although my base is in HTML, CSS & Javascript, I am also very comfortable developing custom applications with PHP and MySQL. I am responsible for the creation and maintenance of several custom web applications including: multi-level content management systems, ecommerce based video training apps, sophisticated portals for employees, partners & customers, plus all the standard blogs, forums, mass emailers and lead generation applications. I've even coded a few server to server handshakes with Microsoft & Cisco.

I am currently coding standard and mobile websites with HTML5 and CSS3 for several projects, and working on a social media management platform.